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It is a common misconception that a ventilation or extract systems are an 'optional' facility, often considered as a non-productive element of a catering or residential establishment. The reality is that a well designed system can reduce the risk of fire, improve general health and hygiene, and reduce the health risks especially to kitchen operatives.

We can provide system design and installation to current HVCA and DEFRA specifications and can work alongside local authorities to ensure that your extract system complies with current regulations.





Kitchen Ventilation Features

  • ·         Improves internal environment.
  • ·         Filtration prevents odours externally.

  • ·         Input ventilation provides respite from radiant energy.

  • ·         Reduces health risks.

  • ·         Reduces risk of fire.

  • ·         Internal extract canopies to suit any kitchen layout.

  • ·         Make up air system required to balance the extract.
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