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Cooling Factory
" a degree smarter"
About Us

Cooling Factory was founded in 1986, but roots back to the late 1960's. Since which time we are now perceived as one of the pioneers in the market.

We originally entered the market place to provide a technical support to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry and end users.

Cooling Factory saw the opportunity to make a dynamic impact on the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning market and did so. Now we provide a full professional service from design,supply,installation through to after care of all types of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment for the whole spectrum ranging from Residential premises, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Factories, Schools, Sound recording studios through to Vehicles.

We at Cooling Factory are committed to provide you with quality products from quality suppliers.

Also aiming to provide excellent one to one customer relations which in today's fast and furious business is hard to find.

Our Philosophy:

"A wise man can teach all he knows, but only learns when he arrives."




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